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Minnesota Discovery Center, where the heritage of northeastern Minnesota is preserved, celebrated and showcased for visitors of all ages. Hear stories from the past and experience a slice of life as pioneers and immigrants from 43 nations experienced it so many years ago. Don't forget to enjoy miniature golf, a scenic trolley ride, ethnic cuisine, and traditional song and dance. There's so much to see and do! Join us! Ironworld is open from May - September. The Iron Range Research Center is open year round.

58min or 49.0 miles


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Like to golf? You have come to the right place! Here are some of them:










Chipperwa Forest Pic.jpg



One of 155 National Forests, the Chippewa was the first National Forest established east of the Mississippi. The Forest boundary encompasses 1.6 million acres, of which over 666,542 acres are managed by the USDA Forest Service. Aspen, birch, pines, balsam fir and maples blanket the uplands. Water is abundant, with over 1300 lakes, 923 miles of rivers and streams, and 400,000 acres of wetlands. These unique qualities offer an abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities all year long.


32min or 25.3 miles


Headwaters Science Center.jpg



Located near the headwaters of the Mississippi River, Headwaters Science Center is a non-profit facility under a parent organization called Opportunities in Science, Inc. HSC is dedicated to science education and environmental awareness. Opened in 1994, it is the only such facility between Winnipeg and the Twin Cities affiliated with the Association of Science and Technology Centers. Large, hands-on exhibit center and live animal area.


1hr 14min or 66.0 miles


Hill Annex Mine.jpg



Go down in history with a tour of the Hill Annex Iron Mine. On the 1 1/2-hour open pit mine tour, visitors make a spectacular descent into mining's past. Learn about the mine operation, the people who worked there, and where they came from. Discover marine fossils in northern Minnesota. Get a sense of the mine's deep, rich history. Learn how this National Historic Site played an important role in the state, national, and world history.

35min or 28.8


Itasca Historical socitity.png



Discover our past in the present. Explore the people, places, and resources that makeup Itasca County history. Museum exhibits interpret life at the turn of the century, logging, mining, immigrants, homesteading, and native Americans (Ojibway) of this region. Includes a Judy Garland exhibit (born Frances Ethel Gumm in Grand Rapids). A yellow brick road leads up to Central School, a unique market place that is home to the museum, gift shops, frame shops, and a nationally renowned restaurant. All in an 1895 restored grade school listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Itasca Heritage Center 10 NW 5th St. PO Box 664. Grand Rapids, MN 55744 

Itasca State Park.jpg



Established in 1891, Itasca is Minnesota's oldest state park. Today, the park totals more than 32,000 acres and includes more than 100 lakes. Walk across the mighty Mississippi as it starts its winding journey 2,552 miles to the Gulf of Mexico. Stand under towering pines at Preacher's Grove. Visit the Itasca Indian Cemetery or Wegmann's cabin, landmarks of centuries gone by. Camp under the stars, or stay the night at the historic Douglas Lodge or cabins. Explore Wilderness Drive past the 2,000-acre Wilderness Sanctuary, one of Minnesota's seven National Natural Landmarks

1hr 39min or 89.2 miles


Judy Garland Home.jpg



Children's discovery museum plus the restored Judy Garland childhood home. From November 1, 2005, through March 31, 2006, The Judy Garland Museum® is open two days a week -- Friday and Saturday -- from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Judy Garland Museum® is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. April 1 through May 27, and seven days a week Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend. General admission for all ages is $6 per person - includes the Children's Discovery Museum. The Judy Garland Museum® is open on Memorial Day, July 4, and Labor Day. The Museum is closed on Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day.


(218) 327-9276 

2727 South Highway 169 Grand Rapids, MN 55744 USA 

28min or 20.6 miles


Lost 40.jpg

LOST 40 (near Dora Lake)


Lost 40, so-called due to a surveying slip back in 1882, is located in the Big Fork State Forest in the Agassiz Lowlands. This site includes a narrow peninsula extending from a large upland esker. The peninsula is flanked by black spruce and tamarack bog on one side, and a willow and alder marsh on the other. The area contains 28 acres of red pine forest and 18 acres of spruce-fir forest. The virgin old-growth red pine forest is the largest and oldest stand in the Blackduck Forestry Area. White pine over 300 years old can be found on the site. The U.S. Forest Service administers adjacent lands with old growth red and white pine, as well. Fringed polygala, blue bead lily, twinflower, and Canada mayflower occur in this area. Early to mid-summer is a good time to see wildflowers in bloom.


(888) 646-6367

Located from Alvwood, 11 miles E on Co Hwy 29, then 2 miles N on Co Hwy 26 to Forest Road 2240. Go W less than 1 mile to parking lot.

57min or 47.3 miles


Taconite Trail.jpg

TACONITE STATE TRAIL (Grand Rapids to Ely)


The Taconite State Trail stretches 165 miles from Grand Rapids to Ely and intersects with the Arrowhead State Trail just west of Lake Vermillion. The first 6 miles from Grand Rapids are paved for biking and in-line skating. The remainder of the natural surface trail is used primarily for snowmobiling in the winter. The trail goes through a few areas that have standing water in the summer, however portions of the trail are suitable for horseback riding, hiking, and mountain biking. The Taconite Trail winds through forests of birch and aspen intertwined with pine, leading the visitor by many isolated lakes and streams. From Grand Rapids heading north, you see the impact of the taconite and iron mining industry. The northern portion of the trail terrain is rolling and tree covered as it winds through state and national forest land. Eight trail waysides and picnic facilities offer scenic vistas of the hills, lakes, and rivers of this area. The trail also links three state parks: Bear Head Lake, Soudan Underground Mine, and McCarthy Beach. The landscape in and around Bear Head Lake State Park is very rolling and rocky.

23min or 18.3 miles


Forest History Center.jpg



Recreated turn-of-the-century logging camp.


After the exhibits, visit the logging camp where you'll find the camp blacksmith, saw filer, clerk, cook, and lumberjacks. Then, board the moored river "wanigan," a floating cook shack used when the logs and men headed downstream to the mills. Then take a seat on the porch of a 1930s Minnesota Forest Service patrolman's cabin and lookout tower and hear about the ranger's important work protecting woodland resources.



Grand Rapids, Minnesota


27min or 20.8  miles


white oak.png

WHITE OAK FUR POST (near Deer River)

The White Oak Fur Rendezvous has just completed its Ninth season. Rendezvous is held each summer at the beginning of August. White Oak Rendezvous draws more than 8,000 visitors each year. There are displays, demonstrations, music, food, Trader's Row and camping facilities for overnight stays. Family camp for participants starts one week prior to Rendezvous and is a great vacation experience. If you have an interest in history and enjoy the company of others with like interests, Rendezvous Reenactment and Participation is a great avenue to explore.

(218) 246-9393
Just a bit north of Deer River on Hwy 6

Minnesota Discovery Center

17min or 10.9 miles


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